Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 2008

The cousins in Oregon love to go to the beach and hang out. We had a lot of fun with Shawn and Hilary and their family. We went to Ecola State Park on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

Everyday is an adventure with our three little rugrats. They all have so much fun together and they definitely like to help one another, even though sometimes they smother each other. Taylor and Alayna may fight sometimes but they really do love each other. Taylor takes good care of his sisters; he is actually very protective of them. It is so cute to see how sweet he can be to them.

Taylor helps me feed Abby her bottle. Now we are trying to teach Abby how to hold her bottle and she is doing pretty good at it, although she gets mad at us somethimes for making her hold it!

Taylor and Alayna love to help me make food, but they especially love to help me make cookies. They are true kids because they always like to try the cookie dough, the cake batter,etc. I love spending time with them in the kitchen-it is fun to teach them how to cook. We also like to try new recipes, and make our own recipes! Abby is almost six months old already and I can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast, I mean she is already at that stage where she is going to start baby rice cereal. Abby wasn't quite sure what to do with her first taste of it, but as we kept giving it to her the more she liked it. She kept pushing it out with her tongue, so she got a little frustrated. She is so sweet.

Tay and Lanie found the stickers and instead of putting them on paper or on their clothes they decided to stick them on each other! They are so funny-because they kept laughing everytime each one would get stickered! Later on that day I kept finding little stickers everywhere because the they kept falling off Tay and Lanie.

Thanks Uncle Brett for the Love Sac!

Brett worked at the Love sac in SLC. He was nice enough to give one away to the brother/brother-in-law who guessed the most wins correctly from the college bowl games. It came down to cheater Jeremy and I for one of the games, and Kansas won baby! There's no place like home. Anywho, we love the love sac!

Abby just loves to sit and drink her bottle and get mauled by Tay and Lanie Ann. Thanks Brett for the love sac!

Taylor's favorite seat in the house now to watch his shows.

Shawn came to visit last week and we had a lot of fun. The love sac was a popular hang out spot for Shawn and the kids. Thanks again Brett!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Walk in Our Neighborhood


Ecola State Park.02.17.08

Shawn and Hilary came and visited us for President's Day weekend and we went to the Oregon coast. We went to Ecola State Park, which has a gorgeous view of some of the beaches and we went to Indian Beach. Believe it or not the weather was beautiful for it only being February. It was about 60 degrees and sunny. In fact we stayed there to watch the sunset and it was gorgeous! You just never know what the weather is going to be like at the Oregon coast-so we were very lucky! We had a great time and the kids loved chasing the seagulls and getting dirty. Although when the sun went down it got pretty cold real fast. Taylor and Navie had taken their shoes and socks off and got their feet in the water, so when it got cold they were not happy. Thier feet felt like icicles!

What goes on behind the scene of picture taking.

Monday, February 11, 2008

November 2007 -Abby's blessing/Alayna's 2nd Birthday

I know that we haven't posted a new blog in a long time, so I am trying to get caught up on some of the events that happened before Christmas! On November 25, 2007 Abby Lynn was blessed by her Dad, surrounded by people that love her. It was a wonderful blessing- in fact I got teary-eyed! Abby is the sweetest baby and it was such a neat experience to see her be blessed. It was nice to have so many family and friends there to be a part of it. It meant a lot to us. We know that Abby is truly a special spirit daugther of our Heavenly Father and we feel honored to be her parents.
We also celebrated Alayna's 2nd Birthday the same day-I mean we might as well celebrate it a day early since the friends and family were already here for the blessing! We made it a double celebration for our girls! We had a Barbecue and a pinata and we had a lot of fun. Alayna was so cute as always although she did get a little overwhelmed by all of the wonderful presents. She is so loved and spoiled by her family and friends. Alayna is a princess girl-she loves anything that has to do with the Disney princesses, so it was a princess party! It was a wonderful day!