Monday, July 21, 2008

Jensen Reunion

At the end of June we went to the Jensen reunion and camped in the Uintah mountains. We used our 6 man tent for the first time, and let me just say that is a lot nicer than a 3 man tent! Luckily we didn't run into any mountain lions this time. The kids had a lot of fun hanging out with all the cousins. We had Ladderball tournaments, rode Brett's horse, and visited with everyone.

Taylor loved camping. Here he is showing how happy he is because what boy wouldn't love being able to play with all of those sticks in the mountains!

It is amazing how much fun kids can have with just dirt and sticks. The girls decided to make dirt pies and boy did they get messy! Since there was no running water we had to clean them off. Those dirt pies sure looked yummy!

One of the best parts of camping is sitting by the campfire, and the kids cuddled up to Aunt Becky and Grandpa George. Abby and Teague fell right asleep in Grandpa's arms-they sure look peaceful. Grandpa did a good job helping us get the kids to sleep!

Both Nyah and Alayna sat on Becky's lap- you couldn't find those two without each other. They love their Aunt Becky.

It was fun to see everyone at the reunion. We had a really good time, however we hope that next time we go camping our girls won't have so many poopy diapers!